Creative Developer


Hi, my name is Mike Simmonds and I'm a budding Web Developer living near Leiden in the Netherlands.

As well as building websites I concentrate my efforts on Rails and React projects.

I am currently looking for Junior roles in companies based in the Netherlands or remotely. I am also available for professional freelance projects and pro bono work for charities.

Brainstorming ideas and beautiful things make me happy

A people-person fresh from a management role in the creative sector

Knowing how things work makes me tick - so does pretty code


Answer This

A platform to allow market researchers to ask multiple choice questions to users. The scheme is incentfied by the ability to win prizes

The platform is built using Ruby on Rails. It has two user groups. The market researchers who can create questionnaires and endusers who answer questions in return for the chance to win a prize.

The application was built by a team consisting of Jaspledean, Felsmo and myself.

Visit answerthis.nlm


A todo list project to learn about using React.js with Rails. allows users to log in and save a list of items with description and due date

I used React to create the views for a Rails backend. I was really pleased with the ease and efficiency of using React. The component based approach fits well with a more modular approach to frontend development

I used the react-rails gem which includes a few great helper functions. It helped get started quickly and allow me to concentrate on what I really wanted to do - learn about React.

Visit todo-react-rails

Jim's Flickr Gallery

A good friend allowed me to use his fantastic travel photography to build a gallery site - my first hand-made node.js app

I used the Flickr API teach myself about http requests and API's. I originally built the site in plain JS – before quickly realising the API key was visible in the code and was therefore insecure. I then rebuilt the page using a custom server in node.

I had a great time on my first real node project. The tutorials and books paid off. I got tripped up a couple of times trying to get my head around some of the finer points but it was great to make something of my own.

Visit jimsflickrapi.herokuapp.com

Massage Therapy

Built for a friend who is a massage therapist and to practice my JS skills (and to get free massages!)

Producing a calm, yet memorable design was the design brief. A number of different design iterations took place before I had a design we were both happy with.

I have discovered how important it is to stick to a design process. If I had coded all of the various designs instead of mocking them up in inkscape the project would have become laborious.

My work has given the client a place she can direct her customers that looks professional and suits the style of the business.

Visit www.jennyvalemassagetherapy.co.uk
“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.”
-Johannes Brahms